A DIY home project not only saves you money as a homeowner, it garners a unique sense of satisfaction for years to come. Unless you have a skilled background in carpentry, plumbing or another construction segment, your do-it-yourself projects at your home probably started out small. Some homeowners get their first taste of DIY satisfaction from simply updating door hardware or even painting an outdated room. Others jump right into more difficult DIY projects for home like updating light fixtures or installing a laminate floor.

How to Have a Successful DIY Project at Home

Whether you’re going to attempt your first do-it-yourself project or you’ve become a bona fide home remodeler, the key to success is having the right tools for the job. For some DIY home projects the toolset may be as simple as a paintbrush and a roll of tape while others require power tools, but one often forgotten tool is simply understanding how to do the job right before starting the project.

Where to Learn How to Do the Job Right

Before the digital age, the DIY community was composed of those who either grew up learning how to fix and update things around the house or worked a job where they learned the required skills. Today, more and more DIYers are getting the experience they need and learning how to do just about anything themselves by watching YouTube videos. Whether you want to know how to build a vegetable planter, fix a leaky faucet or even install a new mailbox, those who know are generous enough to share their skills and experience with everyone by posting a how-to video.

Overcoming DIY Projects that Were Out of Reach

Even for reasonably capable do-it-yourselfers, installing a stone, rock or brick wall was out of the question. A masonry type job was just too difficult and required hard to operate tools like a wet saw. So, the average homeowner who would like to update an area with the look of stone was left to hire an expensive mason or settle for another look.

The Beauty of Stone Made Easy™

GenStone is the solution for DIY homeowners who want the look of stone, rock or brick. GenStone’s faux stone panels were created to finally give the do-it-yourself community a product that is easy to install, authentic looking, durable and can be installed for a fraction of the cost of natural stone.

Example DIY Home Projects Using GenStone Faux Stone

Who Can Install GenStone?

GenStone for DIY Home ProjectsAnyone with the ability to operate a hand saw, screw gun and other similar carpentry tools can install GenStone. Not to mention, this series of YouTube videos make it easy to learn how to accomplish every step involved in finishing a faux stone wall.

Don’t wait to get the look of stone, rock or brick that you’ve always wanted! Get your improvement project started today by using our visualizer to upload your project, then select the style that best compliments your home. Once you settle on a style, visit one of the thousands of retailers who can ship GenStone directly to the location of your DIY home project.