Frequently Asked Questions

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GenStone warrants that the Trim, Panels, Corner and Ledger Pieces will not blister, peel, corrode, rust, rot, delaminate, flake or excessively fade due to defects in materials or manufacture, when used for its intended purpose, properly installed, and maintained according to GenStone’s installation instructions for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase

GenStone requires no maintenance. It is best to plan your landscaping approx 6″ away from our product to prevent damage from lawn mowers or weed-eaters.

GenStone faux siding products are available through many independent lumberyards and retail distributors all over North America. Or if you would like to speak to a specialist at our Corporate Office call 1-800-425-0788 or complete the contact form located here.

GenStone simulated rock, brick and stone veneer siding is sold in panels sizes of either 2′ x 3.5′ covering approximately 7 square feet depending upon the style or 1′ x 3.5′ covering approximately 3.5 square feet. In addition, matching corner pieces, trim and ledgers are available. These accessories are also molded from authentic stone or brick to give the authentic look you desire.

GenStone weighs approximately one to one and a half pounds per square foot making it easy for one person to handle and install, also eliminating the need for lift equipment and extra labor

GenStone artificial siding only requires a clean, dry substrate, such as OSB, plywood, concrete, or existing siding providing the surface is flat such as RB&B, Textured 1-11 or any hardboard panel siding.

GenStone simulated rock, brick or stone siding can be easily installed using simple hand or power tools. We recommend a high quality silicone or construction adhesive and fasteners that can be purchased at your local hardware store, home center, lumber yard or stocking distributor of GenStone. See our complete siding installation guide for further detail.

Yes! GenStone siding is a mortar-free product that can be easily installed with one or two people using basic hand or power tools. GenStone has 4-5 molds combined with random coloration to give the look of authentic random stone. It is recommended that time is spent to layout your panel design to give the look you are trying to achieve.

Anyone who installs siding products or has basic carpentry skills can easily install GenStone siding. There is no need to call a mason.

Yes. GenStone siding provides a significant insulation value to all applications. Our panels are made from a high density two part polyurethane which provides an R value of 3.6 per inch or greater.

GenStone is perfect for commercial, industrial or residential, exterior siding applications. Many people use GenStone artificial rock, stone and brick siding for: Retail or office décor and exterior enhancement, Residential home siding, Retaining walls, Garages/storage sheds, Patio enclosures, Drywall beautification, Steel buildings, Window trims, Foundation applications, Porch pillars, and Mobile home skirting.