What is Brick Veneer?

Brick veneer is a type of facing. Facing is a material used on the surface of a building or home to give it a color, shape, texture and other features. Brick veneer utilizes a thin brick-like surface that looks like real brick while offering a variety of consistent colors.

Why Brick Veneer is Your Best Choice

An Affordable Alternative

For decades those wanting a brick looking home or business would have to hire a mason which unfortunately is one of the most costly skills you can employ. Brick veneer on the other hand is a much more affordable option when compared to real brick and the installation costs associated with it.

Authentic Looking

GenStone’€™s brick veneer line uses a classic construction method to mimic the look of real brick as it would be used to build a home. Any of these color combinations will increase your business or home’€™s curb appeal by giving the structure a beautiful, rustic look and making it stand out to those driving by.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Install

Brick veneer can bring a vintage appearance that rivals real brick. It’€™s also low maintenance, easy to install and much more affordable than real brick since the masonary skills required to install real brick is often very expensive. If you love the color and aesthetic of brick but don’€™t want to put out the contracting costs of installing real brick, brick veneer is the solution.

Other Advantages to Consider:

  • Air cavities between the brick and home keeps moisture at bay
  • Requires a basic foundation and support system
  • Acts as an insulator for the home because our panels have R-Value
  • Requires no paint or stain to keep its color

How to Visualize Brick Veneer as an Option

Brick veneer can often be the better choice for homeowners and business owners who want to add a more personal touch to a home. It’€™s cheaper than using real brick which may require you to add to your home in ways you’€™d rather not invest in. Brick veneer, especially that from GenStone, can give any home a classic look lost in today’€™s modern age. If you’€™re looking for a way to add to your home’€™s value, look and feel, try our visualizer to see our brick panels on your home or business today!

Have You Considered Brick Siding?

A brick siding project can give your home or business a rustic, older look that makes it stand out from its modern design. In an era of cookie cutter homes and box-style businesses that look the same, giving your home a personal touch is all that much more important. If you’€™re looking for a way to make your house feel like a home and make your business stand out, consider adding the beauty of brick siding from GenStone.

Endless Design Opportunities with Brick Siding

Brick veneer is a beautiful addition to the exterior of any structure. There are virtually endless possibilities with brick siding because it compliments any existing style. Whether you want to create a brick backdrop reminiscent of old Chicago style restaurants, a walkway to enter your home or use it to create a wall around your garden, the addition of brick siding can upgrade any home or business in need of a facelift.

GenStone offers three styles of faux brick siding:

  • Classic American Brick
  • Multicolor American Brick
  • Deep Red American Brick

You’€™d be surprised at how the color variations in brick make it a good fit for most colors. Whether you’€™ve gone with cool colors or warm colors, brick can enhance the color and make it stand out. If you’€™ve gone with cool colors, the Deep Red style can stand out and make an impact. If you’€™ve gone with warm colors, the Classic style or Multi Color brick will blend in well.

Enhance Curb Appeal

When choosing a brick siding for a home or business, you’€™re adding to the value, beauty and feel. It’€™s not just about looks. By taking control of what your home or business looks like in the cookie cutter world we live in, you’€™re adding your own personal touch and either turning your home into something unique or a business into something that will attract the attention of patrons.

Check Out Our Visualizer

If you’€™re not sure what a brick siding would look like, contact GenStone today or use our visualizer to see how brick siding will improve the curb appeal of your property.