Faux Stone Panels and Styles

Below is our always expanding collection of faux stone and brick veneer panels. Each style has its own line of accessories including trim, ledgers and other specially designed panels that make finishing your project like a pro easier than ever. Click the styles that catch your eye to learn more about the real stone, rock and brick it was cast from and to see the available accessories and panel measurements.

Stacked Stone
Random Rock
River Rock

Meet the GenStone Do-It-Yourself Faux Stone Veneer System

When we set out to design the most do-it-yourself friendly system for faux stone panels, our goal was to provide DIY homeowners with a solution for every possible installation scenario. Our initial faux stone system included just seven pieces, followed by more pieces we created based on feedback from our customers.

Today we offer faux stone panels designed by engineers, cast from real stone and an install system perfected by true do-it-yourselfers.

Below we will discuss how each of these pieces were designed to work together and how each piece in the system plays a unique role in your improvement project.

Full Panel

Our full panel is by far the most popular piece in the GenStone system. It quickly creates a seamless connection with any piece in the GenStone system. In the demonstration below, two full panels are used to complete the connection to the corner piece.

Available in Styles: Stacked Stone, Random Rock, Brick
Full and Corner Faux Stone Panels

Corner Panels

Our corner panels are the same size as our half panel except the right or left side has a one-inch return. This piece is useful if you are terminating your faux stone at a corner and would like a wrapped look, which gives the appearance of depth.

Available in Styles: Stacked Stone, Random Rock

Inside Corner

When it comes to finishing an inside corner, you have two options. You can either miter two panels to meet seamlessly in the corner or you can opt to terminate into an inside corner piece. Either installation option results in a professional looking finish.

Available in Styles: Stacked Stone, Random Rock
Faux Stone Panel and Inside Corner


Like the inside corner, using trim simply boils down to preference. Our trim pieces come in handy when your GenStone install runs across a door, window, hose bib or even a light fixture.

Available in Styles: Stacked Stone, Random Rock


If you are terminating your faux stone panels partway up a wall, our ledger is a great finishing piece. No only does this accessory give your wall a professional looking finish, it is designed to shed water away from your wall and fit into the ship lap of all panels.

Available in Styles: Stacked Stone, Random Rock, Brick
Trim and Ledger for Faux Stone Veneer Panels

Corner Ledger

While not pictured here, the corner ledger provides a 90-degree ledger. This accessory works well with the corner piece and is particularly useful if you are installing a half-wall around a corner.

Available in Styles: Stacked Stone, Random Rock