About Rock Siding

Gaining Popularity

When you buy a home, it can take what seems like forever to decide how you will decorate, what you will remodel and how you’™ll tie everything together. Rock siding has been gaining popularity because it can transform an ordinary home with vinyl or wood siding into a home that looks like it has been carved out of rock.

Random Rock Siding

Composed of varying sizes of geometric stones, GenStone random rock siding is not monotonous like other imitation siding and even comes in seven different color combinations.

Rock Siding Advantages

Rock siding from GenStone is uniquely authentic because of our one-of-a-kind casting process. The texture, the detail and the lines that make rock interesting to look at has been pressed into each panel to provide your home with all of the aesthetic advantages of rock without the cost.

Why GenStone is Better

A More Durable Siding

GenStone random rock siding is composed of polyurethane which actually this style of siding muchmore durable than a natural rock alternative. In fact, we’ve tested our rock panel’s ability to stand up to wind, weather and physical damage.

Easy to Install

If you tried to mimic and install natural rock in the formation provided by our panels you would be in for a lengthy install. On the other hand, with GenStone you can finish most improvement projects in just a few days and sometimes in less than an hour as seen in our popular time lapse video.


Showcase Rock Siding on a Home Today!

Show how rock siding is the perfect addition to any home, backyard, patio or outdoor space. To see how GenStone rock siding would look in an area you would like to improve, use our cutting-edge visualizer. All you have to do is take a photo of the area you are considering upgrading with rock, upload, outline and view!