How to Choose Your Stacked Faux Stone

When you’€™re updating the exterior of your home, we know you have a lot of options. Everything from random rock to brick veneer to stacked stone siding could potentially be a great addition to your home or building. When it comes to choosing the right look for your home improvement project there are six important factors you should focus on.

Six Factors to Focus on:

1) Aesthetics: Simply put, what do you like best?

Make sure you like it! The aesthetics of your stacked stone is important because it will most likely be in full view when someone comes up to your home. Not to mention you have to look at it every day.

2) Durability: Will the material last the test of time?

The durability of stone siding varies from brand to brand, you want to invest in something that has been tested for durability and can stand up to the temperature and weather conditions in your area. Otherwise, you may have to repair the siding or replace it all together which can turn one project into several others.

3) Ease of Installation: Can you do-it-yourself?

Ease of installation should be something to consider, too. Stacked faux stone from GenStone offers the look of stone siding for a fraction of the cost and you can install GenStone’€™s panels in very little time. Not all stone siding options can boast that and for proof check out our installation videos.

4) Energy Efficiency: Does the project have extra benefits?

Going green has become more important than ever and stone siding should have an R-value rating whenever possible. This means that it’€™s rated for energy savings and can help save you money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year when paired with insulation. The versatility of stone siding can be a blessing and a curse for a homeowner. While stone siding comes in a variety of colors and patterns, it may be difficult to narrow down what works with your home. Making sure you use the right color and pattern is essential to getting the best visual look of stone siding.

5) Purpose of the Project: Is it an Investment?

If you invest in stone siding strictly on the side and rear of your home, it won’€™t have as much impact on curb appeal or increased value as it does on the front. Also, be mindful of your selection by choosing a stacked stone with broad appeal if you plan on selling your home anytime soon.

6) Water Resistance: Does the material effectively shed water?

Water resistant stone siding is beneficial to ensure the lifetime of your siding lasts. Without water resistance, everything from rain to snow to simply watering plants can cause issues down the line.

Finalizing Your Stacked Stone Selection

Help from the Pros

Understanding the factors that go into an effective stacked stone selection is important but may not be enough to make your final section, but if you need help rest assured our team is here to help.

Other Tools

Our visualizer tool is a great way to try out any panel in the GenStone collection. Simply upload a photo of the area you would like to improve, outline and place stacked stone, rock or brick!