Baja Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone Baja begins with a sandstone buff backdrop followed by delicate blonde highlights, and a hint of bluish grey. The unique patterns of our Stacked Stone line will conjure visions of old world architecture and stately manors. With its varying size stones, colors and textures our Stacked Stone panels can effortlessly enhance any structure.

  • faux stone panel
    Full Panel
    (1′ x 3.5′ ) or (.3048m x 1.0668m)
  • faux stone panel corner
    Corner Piece
    2′ height by 1′ or 6” (.6096m x .3048m or .1524m) in width to accommodate offset end connection. Each corner piece has a coverage of 3 square feet (.2787m²).
  • faux stone panel
    Left Corner Panel
    (1′ x 3.5′ ) or (.3048m x 1.0668m)
  • faux stone panel
    Right Corner Panel
    (1′ x 3.5′ ) or (.3048m x 1.0668m)
  • Baja Ledger
    4” height (101.6mm) and 4′ wide (1.2192m)
  • pillar caps faux stone veneer genstone canada
    Pillar Caps
    (13 ½” x 13 ½” ) or (342.9mm x 342.9mm)
  • Baja Trim
    3 ½” height (88.9mm) and 4′ wide (1.2192m)
  • faux stone corner
    Inside Corner
    (3”depth x 4 ½” width x 4’ length) or (76.2mm x 114.3mm x 1.2192m)
  • Baja Pillar Kit
    Pillar Panels
    (4′ ht x 8 ¼” width) or (1.2192m x 209.55mm)
  • faux stone corner
    Corner Ledger
    4” height (101.6mm) and 4’ wide (1.2192m)


1′ 3/4″ or 44.45mm


1lb per sqft or .09m²